our leaders.

Leading the way

Steve Tull

FOUNDER | executive director

Steve and his wife Barbara launched Sent One’s International Ministries in 2015 to see everyone answer and fulfill the call of God on their life. He has a revivalist call from God to find the broken and to see them restored. His passion is to equipped and disciple people, so that they can walk in the destiny that God has for them. He is an apostolic father with the anointing to not only to go into the countries and transform them, but also equip and raise disciples that desire to go and do the same as well.

Steve & Barbara Tull
Founders Sent One's International Ministries
Chuck and Patty Sweet
itenerent Pastors
Communications Director
Derrick Hansen
Human Resources
Derrick Hansen joined Relief International in 2010. With more than 18 years of human resource experience
Uwase Belise Tull
Sent One's International Ministries Rwanda Country Director.
Pamela Greene
Development and Communications
Pamela Greene joins Relief International after 4+ years as Director of Private Sector Initiatives at the International
Corey Logan
Global Assurance
Corey Logan joined Relief International in August 2018 as Director of Global Assurance.
Anita Perez
Regional Director
Anita Perez joined Relief International as Regional Director for Africa in April 2018.
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