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Today, we will work to deliver life-saving aid to millions of people living on the edge of survival. Tomorrow, when the crisis subsides, we will work alongside community members to restore job opportunities.

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Samuel's Story

A Tragic Accident and Ebola Robbed Him of Many Things – But Not His Hope for the Future.

By the time Samuel* was 15 he had already lost his father to war, his mother and grandmother to Ebola, and his leg to a tragic accident. He was an orphan who was cast aside by his community and locked away by his remaining family. Samuel had nothing and no one cared.

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Thanks to giving people like you, 33 million children are growing up healthy, nourished and treated for childhood killers like pneumonia.


Every child deserves the chance to learn. Your generosily is helping 9.7 millinon girls and boys develop the critical skills they need for success in school - and life


We the People nurtures the leaders of tomorrow by cultivating civic engagement and an appreciation for our diversity.


For over 90 years we’ve been helping donors, companies, charities and social organisations make a bigger impact.
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The Symbol

There is a tree where the future home of the Bugesera Project will be that stands out from the rest of the trees on the property. This tree has been there for a long time. The tree is called the hope tree. The tree earned its name because there have been several attempts to remove it. People have tried to remove it by setting it on fire, poisoning it, and even cutting it down. However, it is still standing, alive, and thriving through all of these attempts to destroy it. It stands as a symbol of hope to all who know its story.

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For over 90 years we’ve been helping donors, companies, charities and social organisations make a bigger impact.

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