Last Night 28th-April-2023 was a Fellowship and prayer time.

“Things get difficult When we try to handle it ourselves.
The burden is light And we receive peace for our anxiety and joy over fear When we give it all to Jesus.
All our trust and all our heart He loves it when we come together to talk to him And Sent One’s International ministry has seen great miracles and real peace through our daily walk with Christ especially when we pray together! It unifies us with God and ourselves”

Sent One’s International Ministries donated 100 rabits to young children.

In collaboration with Gasabo District in their program *urukwavu rubyara inka* This week Sent One’s International Ministries donated 100 rabits to young children .

This program goal is to help young students from 2nd year of primary to start a, small entrepreneurship . As they begin with raising a rabbit and develop the skills and experience they need to provide for their business they can also grow the business and get a cow. Through this, Program they are able to are learning to be responsible and generate income to pay four school material school fees.
Thank You to all of you who sow into to our ministry. Through your giving we are able to change lives.
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